Frontline has been a provider of business solutions for over a decade supporting various clients in areas related to sales & marketing, human resource etc. Frontline has built up a team of over 1000 people deployed across many Indian and multinational companies, successfully helping them to attain their corporate goals and objectives.

Frontline believes in creating accountability and belongingness amongst all employees as well as strengthening customer orientation both internally and externally. Frontline also wants to be sensitive to humanness of any and every situation, as to demonstrate fairness, equality of opportunity and respect to all.

Frontline, through its dedicated efforts has also succeeded in securing strong client confidence and was awarded Fastest Growing Direct Sales Agent for three consecutive years by its clients. The company’s remarkable progress and growth have made clients agree that it is one of the most professionally managed corporate. This brand equity has helped and allowed Frontline to diversify into various other lines of business where it felt it could partner its clients.

Frontline, with the help of its various stakeholders, is determined to take forward the growth story to new heights creating social, economical and national wealth for the country.

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